The Lost Ways: Is It Scam Or Fact?

Many survival experts, gurus and enthusiasts are aware of the existence of one important book that claims to have the so-called key to our survival. Written in 2017 by author Claude Davis, The Lost Ways is not your run-of-the-mill non-fiction yarn. It is a survival guide in the strongest sense of the word, but also a unique volume brimming with historical facts and information.

Backed by numerous survival experts and enthusiasts, The Lost Ways is more fact than scam. It describes in deep detail the survival knowledge of our ancestors and hopes to educate modern man how to survive natural disasters, economic depression and much more! The conveniences that come with modern life are often taken for granted, which is why this survival guide takes us back to our roots.

For example, did you know you could preserve water outdoors for months on end? Or that navigation is possible without the use of any fancy gadgets? Many topics are explored and broken down into 24 chapters that are easy to digest. Even if you aren’t prepping for the end of the world or living in the jungle, this book teaches lessons that shouldn’t be forgotten or missed when living in a modern ‘enlightened’ time.

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